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Documentary about a St. Stephens Indian School project to premiere at Red Nation Film Festival

The tipi on display at St. Stephens Indian School, which the documentary centers around. Photo provided by Dara Weller.

(St. Stephens, Wyo.) – St. Stephens Indian School’s documentary, ‘Listening for a New Day,’ is set to premiere at the Red Nation Film Festival in Beverly Hills, Calif., on November 11, 2014.

‘Listening for a New Day’ was made in cooperation with St. Stephens Indian School. The film documents the nine-year project and how this small school and community came together to make an Arapaho Buffalo Hide Tipi in “the old way” to help keep their culture alive. The tipi is currently on display at the school.

“We have been nominated for Best Feature Documentary along with 10 other films — one of which is a Johnny Depp produced documentary,” said producer Dara Weller. ‘Listening for a New Day’ was directed by George Giglio, stars William C’Hair, and is narrated by Sergio Maldonado.